ATP has been producing high-quality adhesive systems on very modern coating machines in Milha since 1991.

Using a broad range of adhesives and support materials, we produce one-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes as well as adhesive and non-adhesive thermosetting adhesive films for a broad range of applications in industrial, graphics and labels branches. The adhesive formulations used in our products are exclusively developed by us and the production methods meet the most modern technological requirements.

In our ATP programme we have been manufacturing environment-friendly solvent-free and recyclable products for many years. We are committed to these standards and will continue to play a leading role in their further development in the future.

We want to offer our customers a competitive advantage in their markets. We achieve this aim by developing customer-aligned products at competitive prices and by offering very short delivery times.

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Established in 1989, Copes Coat specialises in technical coated articles.

The companys’ experience and specific abilities acquired make it a unique Company in the European coating industry.
Particular interest is in the production of PVC film for skins treating, which is employed in the tanning industry; foamed PVC, with thickness between 2mm and 20mm: a specific product employed in the manufacture of self-stick trimming for cars, insulating boards and building industry products; special PVC coated materials for the production of sports uppers and bicycle saddles.

Our research laboratory constantly follows the development of new technologies and new materials: this is why our company is always up-to-date and ready to offer to the market increasingly specialised and innovative products.

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